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Corrections and amendments to the book ‘Tenerife Nature Walks’

Walk 9 – Boca de Tauce to Guia de Isora – (Posted 20th Nov, 2013) Despite severe damage in the 2012 forest fire the Barranco de Tagara, and its surrounding area, which this walk passes through is now recovering well, and the path through the barranco has been repaired.

Walk 10 – Circular from Chirche thru Barranco Peguerias – (posted 12th Feb, 2016) Unfortunately I have to report that the path through the Barranco Peguerias has become overgrown since the fire of 2012, and it is virtually impossible to find the path.

Walk 11 – Ifonche to Barranco del Infierno viewpoint – (posted 20th Nov, 2013) The main path used by this walk, up until point 11, is now way marked with yellow/white signposts and way marks to help navigation. Pictures below show the junctions of the paths to and from the viewpoint at point 11 and 15.

Point 11 of Walk 11, where you take the path straight on, marked by the yellow/white cross

Looking back at the path by which you arrive at point 15 of walk 11. Arriving there from the viewpoint you turn right here

The plants mentioned, particularly at point 9, were badly affected by the 2012 forest fire, but are starting to re-grow now.









Walk 33 – Los Organos of La Orotava – (posted 26.10.2017) For a while the upper part of this walk was closed due to a landslip.  I am pleased to find out that it is no longer closed.  Super walk – Enjoy!


If you find any differences between the book description of a walk and the reality you encounter, please let the author know at the following email address: