So what’s so great about walking in Tenerife?  And how did it light up my enthusiasm for botany?


When I retired and moved out to Tenerife a few years ago, one of the things I really wanted to do was go walking in the mountains. The scenery is very dramatic, and varied. The views are amazing. The native birds and butterflies and other fauna are remarkable. But the flowers – they’re just stunning. Little did I know how this would fire up my interest in plants.

While living in England, I had always had an interest in flowers and plants, indeed I ran a plant nursery with my husband for many years, but had not spent a great deal of time pursuing botany. But when walking in Tenerife, I noticed all the unfamiliar shapes of the local flowers, and longed to find out more about them. There are literally hundreds of species endemic to just Tenerife (or even just one part of it), the Canary Islands, or Macronesia (the Atlantic Islands, including Madeira, Canaries and Azores). They are so exciting, and so many of them are really showy as well.

So I have started this blog to share with you my excitement at all the great sights I see when walking in Tenerife. I hope you’ll enjoy it – and want to come here and experience it for yourself.

  1. Signed up now.


  2. Delighted to find your web-site and am now in Tenerife myself. Are your walks published anywhere please? Have logged on for further details of walks. Thank you David Gale.

    • I occasionally publish a walk in the Tenerife News, there was one in the Christmas edition, although it was the same walk from Poris de Abona that I put in the blog. I am, however, in the process of editing a book of 35 walks which I have written and hope to publish soon. If you are subscribing, you will find out when it is published as I will announce it on the blog.

  3. Have read many of your walks on this site, but it would be helpful to have distances or guide times, but will buy the book when published.
    David Gale.

    • Point taken, I’ll try to put more info in. Obviously when I write for the newspaper, and in the book, I give all this information. However, a lot of my blogs are aiming to inspire rather than be full instructions, especially where they are difficult or challenging walks. I do not want to encourage people to undertake walks beyond their capability, and those who are able to navigate will most probably be able to discover those walks for themselves with the help of a map or GPS (many are on http://www.Wikiloc.com, which is how I found them).

  4. Hello. A great blog and lovely walks. I am hoping to go to Tenerife soon for hiking and wanted to stay in the Teno park. Do you know if it was much damaged by the fire?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi,
      There was a fire in the Erjos area on the edge of the Teno rural park, but it has not done too much damage to the laurel forest. Where it did burn down the valleys into the laurel forest, it has merely let the light in and there will be more ground herbs for a year or two in these areas. The laurel trees generally re-grow from the base again. I have walked past the burnt bits recently and already they are becoming harder to see. The damage around the Erjos lakes is more apparent, but still not so damaging that you would not enjoy a walk there. The rest of the Teno park, around Masca, Teno Alto and above Buenavista and Los Silos was not damaged and is still very beautiful.

  5. Sally, thank you for helping us experience the beauty of the Canary Islands.

    Does the Jasminum odoratissimum go dormant and drop its leaves as does the Kleinia or is it partially or completely evergreen? I am thinking of using it at my parent’s house (I’m a landscape designer) but I want to use plants that are very dry-looking in summer, to express the Mediterranean climate.



  6. All right, thank you!! Nate

  7. Hi Sally! I found your splendid blog looking forward to visit Tenerife very soon. Thanks a lot for your inpirations! I can’t wait…. thanks a lot for posting!

  8. Hello Sally! this is a great website on the botany of Tenerife. I am just wondering if you would be willing or interested in giving a guided tour of the coastal vegetation of Tenerife to some students?

  9. donde se puede compras pedazo de euporbia baldsamifera y euphorbia atropurpurea ? gracias.

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