Special announcement -Publication of my book ‘Tenerife Nature Walks’


A new walking guide for Tenerife describing 35 scenic walks to suit a wide range of abilities, which draws attention throughout to the remarkable natural environment that the walker will see en route.  There are walks in all parts of the island which will introduce walkers to the different types of environment to be found in the different areas of the island.  The descriptions of the routes are clear, in numbered paragraphs which relate to numbered points on the maps.  The walks all have an introduction and a summary of the walk statistics for ease of use. The book is 212 pages long, fully illustrated, with maps provided by the Spanish Instituto Geografico Nacional, and many colour photos of both landscape and wildlife, especially the many endemic plants.

The book is available from the www.amazon.co.uk website priced at £14.99, buying from the Amazon marketplace seller bookacademy, and will be available in Tenerife soon at a price of €17.00.  It is also available on http://www.abebooks.co.uk. If you would like a copy reserved for you when it is available in Tenerife, or would like some copies for re-sale in Tenerife, contact me at sallywhymark@hotmail.es or the publisher at booksales@flintwork.co.uk.

Update of book availability in Tenerife (posted 23rd April, 2013)

Tenerife Nature Walks is now available in Tenerife at  €17.00 from The Bookswop in Puerto Colon, Libreria Barbara in Los Cristianos and Libreria Stratford in Puerto de la Cruz.  Any other outlet which would like to stock some, please contact me at sallywhymark@hotmail.es

Further update (posted 21st June, 2013 and updated 23rd July)

GPS tracks for all 35 walks, complete with waypoints corresponding to the numbered paragraphs of the walks are now available for download from Wikiloc at the following address:


Please note that there is an error on the map for walk 31 where the waypoints on the map do not correspond to the position of the numbers of the paragraphs from number 8 onwards.  The GPS track, however, does have the correct numbering.

 Further update (posted 12th July, 2013)

‘Tenerife Nature Walks’ is now also available from http://www.nhbs.com in the UK (and probably they will mail elsewhere as well)

Update posted 20th November, 2013

A wholesaler in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is now distributing the book on Tenerife, so it should mean they will be more widely available in shops and other outlets on the island.

Update re Walk 10 – ‘Circular from Chirche’ (posted 19th March, 2015)

I have been told that the section of the path through the Barranco Peguerias, from point 31 to point 17 where it joins the yellow/white signposted route from Boca de Tauce to Guia de Isora, is now very overgrown.  The path is very hard to find, even if you know where it is.  You will definitely need a GPS with the track loaded, if you want to attempt it.  And long trousers may be advisable!

I am also told there is some confusion at point 31, which way to go.  Before this point you have been walking along a track on a narrow ridge.  At point 31 the track goes down to the right into the barranco, however the walk continues on the ridge, although it is getting less narrow, going uphill straight on for a while, and later turns to the right dipping gently into the barranco.



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  1. Thankyou Sally for this e-mail. I have ordered this book from Amazon so it will be home later on this month when we are home from Tenerife. David Gale.


  2. Brilliant timing Sally! I’ve just ordered it.We arrive in Tenerife at the beginning of April so will have time to study the book and make plans.

  3. Discovered your website and notification of the book on our last day in Tenerife. I’ll be buying a copy if we go back again – it will probably be a different Canary Island (or Madeira) next year.

  4. Apologies for the late reply – I’ve been to busy to worry about travel, photography, plants, or anything else much since getting back to Wales. Hopefully I’ll get a life back next month!

    I’m glad you like the blog – I do hope to add to it, but as I said, there is a little matter of something called time. The floradecanarias site is very useful, especially as the book about flowers of the Canary Islands is neither comprehensive nor well-illustrated.

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